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Small Ruminant Workshop!

Small Ruminant Workshop 101

Thursday, September 26, 2019


4509 West Taylor Rd

Turlock, CA 95380

Led by Dr. Katie Reeder & Dr. Adam Costa

Bring your goat or sheep for an evening of hands on learning! This workshop is designed for the backyard, new owner, overwhelmed and just plain curious small ruminant owners of all ages and experience levels. We will be covering topics that will help you recognize what is normal and abnormal and some basic care skills that all small ruminant owners should know!

We will use the back, covered parking area of the clinic.

Bring your animal on a leash, halter or harness and let us teach you the rest!

$20 per group

Skills we will cover:

1. Trimming feet

a. How, when and why

b. Some basic foot ailments that are easily recognized and avoided

2. Checking parasite load

a. Learning the FAMACHA scoring system and how to perform an exam on your animal

b. Basic deworming overview (classes of drugs and basic timetable)

3. Taking a TPR

a. Learning what is a normal respiration rate and appearance

b. Learning how to take a rectal temperature and what is normal

c. Evaluating body condition

4. Basic Vaccine Protocol

a. Learn the basic vaccines all small ruminant should have

b. Learn how and where to give a vaccine to a small ruminant

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