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Ongoing Drug Shortages

Manufacturing delays and plant issues have resulted in shortages of certain medications nationwide. We are fortunate enough that we get small allotments of certain medications, but allotments are unreliable and small volume. As always, we cannot distribute to non-clients.

The following medications are on backorder or allotment:

- Procaine penicillin G/penicillin/PPG

- Ampicillin/Polyflex

- SuperSulfa/Sustain III calf (calf sulfa boluses)

- Large volume intravenous solutions (5L bags)

- PG600

While many of these shortages are supposed to be resolved later this year, it can be frustrating to not have medications available. Talk to your veterinarian about substitutes for backordered drugs.

For an updated status on these medications, check the FDA Drug Shortages website:

Or for certain veterinary specific drugs:

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